Tapping 3

I joined Jenny’s online Shiatsu Connects classes, during the Covid 19 lockdown 2020. That year, I lost 6 close members of my family. I suffered a heavy, sad feeling that was lodged in my body. I couldn’t lift my arms up above my head, it was so painful. It was lovely to be able to […]

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Tapping 2

Jenny taught us EFT Tapping during weekly online sessions for limbless veterans. Now I use the tapping regularly to help with phantom limb pain. When I have been overdoing things, the pain gets worse. Tapping helps to slow me down, so I don’t get so stressed. It’s become a habit. Tapping has become as regular

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Tapping 1

I find Jenny’s EFT Tapping sessions help give me some personal insight and bring balance and calm when I am caught up in old patterns. Jenny is warm, supportive and understanding. She really takes time to listen and help me identify what I need to address and she works with me to help frame the

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Self care 3

Jenny’s wonderful cheerful warmth and humanity was a blessing. Which on top of her great teaching and knowledge, makes her sessions so great. Her sessions allow me to connect with myself and other people in an open loving and caring way.

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Self care 2

Jenny’s sessions have been really valuable to me during these difficult touch-deprived times. They have been a nourishing, and informative way to connect with my body and to tap into some self-care. Not only are the sessions enjoyable, but Jenny delivers them in a way that shows real care, kindness, and her knowledge of the

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Workplace 3

Brilliant course to support practitioners during difficult times. It provided a space to come together, learn ways to cope and find balance in strange times to weave through everyday life. I can’t quite believe how much of a difference some of these easy exercises made to how I feel! I found the exercises so relaxing

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Workplace 2

“Really great to look at how we in the voluntary sector can support ourselves and the people we work with by using easy to use self-care techniques. Jenny was very kind and calm and understanding of the physical and mental issues raised by all of us in the group. It was a very safe space

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Shiatsu 3

Jenny offered Shiatsu to the participants of my bi-annual meditation retreats on Holy Island. Her one-to-one sessions garnered glowing reviews and were an important part of keeping these retreats so embodied and healing. Not only that, Jenny’s crucial support and co-facilitating on these courses became a crucial source of inspiration for me as the course

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Shiatsu 2

Thank you, Jenny. Our appointment yesterday has made my back feel better than it has in years – no pulling or tightness, just so relaxed – and my shoulder feels completely better! I’ll take it easy on both, but wow!! Lying in bed last night was more comfortable than it’s been in years. Thank you

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Self care 1

Thank you, Jenny, for giving me the resources to help with a particularly stressful and frustrating morning. I could feel myself fizzing with adrenaline with nowhere to go and then remembered the exercises you taught us to regulate the nervous system. Mentally, I got off the hamster wheel. It has turned down the volume in

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