Community and Workplace Wellbeing 

Workplace wellbeing and community wellbeing with Shiatsu Connects

Connect to healthier, happier, more effective living and working

Community and workplace wellbeing are at the heart of Shiatsu Connects’ commitment to helping people live happier, healthier and more connected lives.

Wherever you are based, whichever sector you are working in, you can access tailored Wellbeing programmes to support your clients and colleagues, as individuals and as a team.

Whatever the challenges you face as a leader or manager of clients, colleagues or volunteers, we can help. Contact Shiatsu Connects for tailored in-house or online workshops and 121 sessions for your group.

Shiatsu Connects supports people in a wide range of workplace settings and in partnership with diverse community organisations across Scotland and online. Our approach is practical, confident and rooted in the real world and we are passionate about working with people from all backgrounds. Our work ranges from programmes with veterans, refugees, drug and alcohol recovery and young people’s mental health to the Open University, the corporate boardroom and frontline support services.

Over the years, we have developed a popular range of tailored community and workplace wellbeing programmes for clients, volunteers, and staff teams. We are committed to ensuring the physical and mental healthcare benefits of Shiatsu and EFT Tapping touch therapies are accessible and affordable to all.

And, we get results!

Choose Community or Workplace Wellbeing for your group 

Community wellbeing for your group with Shiatsu Connects

Talk to us about what’s keeping you awake at night and the challenges you are facing. 

Our tailored wellbeing programmes help support your group by tackling physical, emotional and psychological health issues to help boost morale, confidence and effectiveness. We help bring people together, to be more positive and creative, and ultimately to lead happier, healthier, connected and more productive lives.

All in person and online sessions are led by Shiatsu Connects founder and director Jenny White, known to many as Jenny Shiatsu. Jenny will discuss what you’re looking for so that she can tailor your Wellbeing Programme to suit you, your group and your budget. 

Typically, our tailored programme includes a combination of the following:

Community and Workplace Wellbeing Workshops (in-house or online)

As either a one off or a series of sessions with your group, these workshops with Jenny cover self-shiatsu techniques and the key acupressure points to help tackle a wide range of health and wellbeing issues. We also use movement and mindfulness meditation, with exercises to regulate the nervous system. 

Individual Self Care Sessions of Shiatsu and/or Tapping (in-house or online)

These one-to-one sessions with Jenny use a combination of Shiatsu Massage Therapy and EFT Tapping  to release and strengthen your body’s natural ability to heal itself by helping bring balance into the body’s energy system and sending signals to the brain to lower the stress hormone cortisol.


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“I had a fantastic first Shiatsu Self-Care session with Jenny and my colleagues over Zoom. I felt so relaxed afterwards and really felt as though my body had just let go of any tensions it had been holding- I hadn’t even realised how much stress was actually there. I would really recommend joining a session, the easy exercises to reduce Zoom-fatigue are fab and much needed right now!”

Move On Staff Team Well-Being group

“Really great to look at how we in the voluntary sector can support ourselves and the people we work with by using easy to use self-care techniques.
Jenny was very kind and calm and understanding of the physical and mental issues raised by all of us in the group. It was a very safe space to speak about these things. She is really easy to listen to and taught us stuff that is helping already. I think the Wellbeing courses have been really appreciated during this time; we often forget to look after ourselves. “

EVOC Staff and Members Well-Being training

Brilliant course to support practitioners during difficult times. It provided a space to come together, learn ways to cope and find balance in strange times to weave through everyday life. I can’t quite believe how much of a difference some of these easy exercises made to how I feel! I found the exercises so relaxing and grounding and I now have a short list of the top 3 that I can do every day in just a few minutes, to keep me more grounded, relaxed and focused. I am very grateful to have come along and participated.