Tapping 3

I joined Jenny’s online Shiatsu Connects classes, during the Covid 19 lockdown 2020. That year, I lost 6 close members of my family. I suffered a heavy, sad feeling that was lodged in my body. I couldn’t lift my arms up above my head, it was so painful. It was lovely to be able to […]

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Tapping 2

Jenny taught us EFT Tapping during weekly online sessions for limbless veterans. Now I use the tapping regularly to help with phantom limb pain. When I have been overdoing things, the pain gets worse. Tapping helps to slow me down, so I don’t get so stressed. It’s become a habit. Tapping has become as regular

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Tapping 1

I find Jenny’s EFT Tapping sessions help give me some personal insight and bring balance and calm when I am caught up in old patterns. Jenny is warm, supportive and understanding. She really takes time to listen and help me identify what I need to address and she works with me to help frame the

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